This information may help answer your questions about medicinal cannabis. Please
talk to your doctor about cannabis and if it is right for you.
What is medicinal cannabis?
Medicinal cannabis is a plant-based medicine.
It has been used in other cultures for many
years. This plant produces hundreds of
chemicals. These chemicals are called
cannabinoids. Research has shown the two
main cannabinoids from this plant providing
medical benefits are:
• tetrahydrocannabinol, also called THC
• cannabidiol, also known as CBD
Is medicinal cannabis legal?
Medicinal cannabis is not the same as
recreational use of marijuana.
is a treatment that can be legally
prescribed by doctors. Recreational marijuana
use remains illegal in Australia.
How can medicinal cannabis help you?
You may experience severe symptoms from
your cancer or cancer treatment.
cannabis may be considered when all other
symptom management options have not
helped. Symptoms cannabis may
help with include:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Appetite increase or decrease
• Pain
Your doctor may consider cannabis
for you, but only after other symptom
management options have been tried first.
Please talk to your doctor about
cannabis and if it is right for you.
What does the research tell us?
There is some research that shows
can help to relieve side effects from
cancer or cancer treatment. Other studies
show that cannabis is not helpful.
More research on l cannabis is
needed to understand:
• how it can help
• what the safety issues and risks are
There is no research that shows
cures cancer.
cannabis products
cannabis comes in the form of a pill,
oil, nasal spray, or oral spray product.
Prescribed cannabis products are
checked for quality. Illegal marijuana is not.

What are the side effects and risks?
Medicinal cannabis can have side effects. Side
effects can vary from person to person. Side
effects can vary from product to product.
Common side effects include:
• Fatigue and drowsiness
• Dizziness and problems with balance
• Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhoea
• Dry mouth
• Appetite increase or decrease
• Problems with thinking and memory
• Feelings of euphoria or depression
• Hallucinations or paranoid delusions
Medicinal cannabis is not appropriate for
patients who are pregnant, planning on
becoming pregnant, and/or breastfeeding

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